Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mollie, the name of both ladies and dogs!

the first mollie i remember meeting was baby mollie of mother andrea. we were nursing school students together, before graduation, andrea was married. i married after graduation.
several years down the road, andrea had laurie, next was mollie.

another mollie i know is a nurse working at the ever-expanding maternity unit in brunswick. she is an aspiring midwife in the birthwise school.

a famous literary molly is molly weasley from the harry potter books

mollie is a nickname for mary or margaret, but is comming into it's own place as a real name.
mollie means sea of bitterness

then there are the mollie dogs.

the first mollie dog i met is here in maine. she was at the animal shelter, a pure bred miniture poodle in black! miss jean snatched her right up

a mollie dog relative is that of my aunt cindy. she let joseph drive her around in the cart. she is a very special mollie dog. and she let lily hang on her.

then, there was the inspiration for the mollie post...a tv mollie dog! she was sitting on the couch of her owner during a news report about the floods.

but, don't forget, mollie dogs are not quite mollie people, at least during this earth/time/continuim...

feel free to add your mollie thoughts in the comments....

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