Tuesday, July 31, 2007

time for more knitting pictures.

My rogue. The pocket is attached and the cables are running up the side.

the cool cat stitch markers!!

I have been working. Since last Wednesday, I have only had off on Saturday. All but Sunday were lactation days. I have 2 more to go! Breastfeeding issues come up for new moms and moms with older babies as well. Luckily, we get to see both inpatients and outpatients. There is no easy answer to the myriad of breastfeeding issues out there. Remember, it is supposed to work. We just have to find the key that unlocks the individual couplet's difficulty. Sure there will be the mom that won't produce enough milk, or the baby that just won't latch, but those are the exception not the rule. Keep on trying!! Tomorrow is World Breastfeeding Week. Hug a breastfeeding mom!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I closed the Harry Potter book around 10pm last night. I really enjoyed it. Now it is time to listen to it...

Of course I am listening to something else at this time, so I will have to finish Labyrinth before starting another audible book. If you haven't tried listening to books, try it. I have converted several people to the pleasure of listening to books. Our library has lots of books to check out, both on cassette and on cd. Another way is to download them and burn them or put them on your smart card and use a mp3 or pda to listen. Visit Audible and check it out! I listen in the car, when I am cleaning, and when i am knitting! It is just about the only way I multi-task!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...need I say more! I started it on Saturday evening and am over halfway done. Maybe I can finish today...

The weekend was a work weekend. I actually got to do labor and delivery 2 of the 3 days. What a treat for me! It was a nice weekend. The birth I assisted with was beautiful! No interventions! A lovely baby!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My lovely daughter

Since Katie rarely gets her picture taken, she gets to have her own space on the blog! (does that make you smile, honey?)

She is doing a great job going to school and raising those 2 wonderful grandchildren!

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yes, lily does get in the water!

I was beginning to think that Lily never got in the water or when she did she was not happy about it! Guess she finally realized that it can be great!

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And I just have to say, these are the 2 most beautiful grandchildren I have!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


One may notice that I don't often blog about my work. There are several reasons for this. When I first began the blog, I thought I would write about work but, it was not the easy topic I envisioned. First, there is HIPPA. Which as we all know, and love, restricts many areas of life. I also live in a smallish community where many people know many people. I would never want to accidentally post something that would invade another person's privacy or that people could pick apart and try and figure out who the subject was. So I generally avoid work related scenarios. That said, if I ever do write something about work, the names, dates and many other aspects have been changed or combined to protect the innocent persons involved in my ramblings.

I do want to mention one of my soapboxes at this time. That is making choices. Over the years, people I know, co-workers, children, friends, family, you get the picture, will comment to me things like "I hope you will still think well of me if I... don't breastfeed, have an epidural, choose a c/s, only breastfeed for 6 weeks, whatever..." Do I like only people who do things I believe in? NO, NO, NO.

What I wish for people is that they make choices based on their lives and then feel comfortable with those choices. I don't walk in anyone's footsteps but my own.

Do I wish all women would at least give breastfeeding a chance?
Of course!

Do I dislike the fact that formula companies are a multimillion/billion dollar force in marketing and making things difficult for breastfeeding to be the norm?
Of course!

Do I wish childbirth was considered normal?

Do I wish women knew they were strong and wonderful and were empowered to deal with labor without drugs?

Do I wish midwives and out of hospital birth was considered the norm?
Yes, and Yes!

But, do I avoid people that have different views?
No, and I hope that I never do or give the impression that I do.

Again, my wish for others is that they find the strength to do what they have chosen and be COMFORTABLE in their choice.

Stepping down from the soapbox....>^..^<

regarding uncle eddie and joseph...

I thought I would explain why I posted older pictures of William AKA Uncle Eddie. When I saw the picture of Joseph, it reminded me of those from the year before that I wanted to put them up together! So, there they are! And I thought of a better saying...

2 peas in a pod, or maybe, 2 bums at the beach!

Monday, July 16, 2007

uncle eddie and joseph...

two peas in a pod, or two nuts on a beach!

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pool sharks

Here is Nicole, resting her eyes. She hung out and played pool despite a headache. A better woman than me!

John and his pretty pose....

Both Nicole and Bill taking their turns on the pretty newly covered pool table. They even won a game or 2 against John and me. Of course, I am considered a handicap...

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Friday, July 13, 2007

dueling cute cat pictures!

Melissa, the yarn whisperer, beat me to posting a cute cat picture. So, here a day late and a dollar short, is Wiggie, the wannabe biker cat. This seat is his new favorite place to lounge about. It makes John slightly crazy, but I think it is funny. Everytime I tried to get a picture, he would jump up and go for the door, thinking I was going to let him out. It took quite a few attempts.
Wiggie also likes to sit on the shoe rack by the door and wait for someone to let him out!

And to show off some knitting. I have more done on the Rogue sweater that I am knitting for the KAL. The front pocket is done. I tried to capture the cables going up the side, they are my favorite part, besides being pink...

These are my cat sock blockers....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007