Friday, July 13, 2007

dueling cute cat pictures!

Melissa, the yarn whisperer, beat me to posting a cute cat picture. So, here a day late and a dollar short, is Wiggie, the wannabe biker cat. This seat is his new favorite place to lounge about. It makes John slightly crazy, but I think it is funny. Everytime I tried to get a picture, he would jump up and go for the door, thinking I was going to let him out. It took quite a few attempts.
Wiggie also likes to sit on the shoe rack by the door and wait for someone to let him out!

And to show off some knitting. I have more done on the Rogue sweater that I am knitting for the KAL. The front pocket is done. I tried to capture the cables going up the side, they are my favorite part, besides being pink...

These are my cat sock blockers....

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