Wednesday, August 29, 2007

slow knitting progress...

Not too great a background, but here is a shawl in progress. It has an intended recipient, so it has become my new knit-during-the-news project. On my Rogue, I have finished my sleeve cables for both sleeves, now they are just increase and lengthen! I might actually have a sweater to wear this winter.

I signed up for my fall classes today. Rumor has it they are 2 difficult ones, and I am crazy enough to take them during the fall/winter holiday season. What was I thinking??? GET DONE, that is what I was thinking! My motto is like that of the turtle: "slow and steady wins the race". I know it isn't actually a race, but ...

study cat

Here is Wiggie trying to help me study. He gets it by osmosis and then purrs it to me!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

the mollie post/repost

i must have been partly asleep when i wrote last night. as i read it this morning, i thought, hmmm, did some one add to what i had written???

so, i did some editing and corrected some spelling errors. now, i think i remember writing it...

lesson for me, don't post when your eyes are droopy with the need to sleep!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mollie, the name of both ladies and dogs!

the first mollie i remember meeting was baby mollie of mother andrea. we were nursing school students together, before graduation, andrea was married. i married after graduation.
several years down the road, andrea had laurie, next was mollie.

another mollie i know is a nurse working at the ever-expanding maternity unit in brunswick. she is an aspiring midwife in the birthwise school.

a famous literary molly is molly weasley from the harry potter books

mollie is a nickname for mary or margaret, but is comming into it's own place as a real name.
mollie means sea of bitterness

then there are the mollie dogs.

the first mollie dog i met is here in maine. she was at the animal shelter, a pure bred miniture poodle in black! miss jean snatched her right up

a mollie dog relative is that of my aunt cindy. she let joseph drive her around in the cart. she is a very special mollie dog. and she let lily hang on her.

then, there was the inspiration for the mollie post...a tv mollie dog! she was sitting on the couch of her owner during a news report about the floods.

but, don't forget, mollie dogs are not quite mollie people, at least during this earth/time/continuim...

feel free to add your mollie thoughts in the comments....

Friday, August 24, 2007


here are my sleeves that will go with my rogue sweater. i had started on them and gotten a bit done, when i noticed the recurring holes each time i made an increase. whatever i was doing, at least i was consistent! i was going to just keep on, but the holes kept nagging at me. so, i undid down to right past the turning row, which was also wrong, it was on the wrong side instead of the right side, and started over. now there are NO holes in the increases!!
as for school, i have turned in the final paper for the course i took an incomplete in. YEA!! i don't have the grade yet, but it is done.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

while we are on the subject of birthdays...


It's your birthday and to make it special for you, I wanted to feature you on the blog.

Happy Birthday to the one who introduced me to Mateus wine, playing music in the shower (much to my parent's dismay), and let me read "special" magazines...

Please notice that I did include a picture of myself in one of those outfits with a hat that I got to wear, complete with gloves...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another day to remember

Today is my parent's wedding anniversary. 49 years. Happy Anniversary!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

25 years ago--yesterday

Katie turned 25 yesterday. Hard to believe. So Happy Birthday and here's to many more! (and to Seth and William, your turn will come...there are no favs!)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

the crazy cat lady lives

just got this bag in the mail. it matches my sweatshirt!
It is getting to be fall here, i needed a blue jean no one will mistake it for anyone else's but mine.

progress on the rogue.. the body is almost to the underarms and i cast on the sleeves.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

cats...and fleas

Well, the fleas are being beaten. Slowly but surely. This is the homemade flea trap. It consist of a jellyroll pan, dishwashing soap (of the liquid kind) and water. Place a light above it and wa-la (ok, I am not really sure how to spell that, so just say it like it looks...) many small DEAD fleas in the morning. Of course, it does interfere with my sleep since I prefer to sleep in as dark a room as possible. Just ask John who laughs at me because there are socks covering up the lights ( AKA beacons) on the TIVO.
Poor Wiggie, he has to stay outside until he can get a flea dip. The frontline was a little late in being applied. Poor timing by his human...Although, he doesn't look too miserable on top of his human's car!
Then there is Fraser, he found a box to rest on. He is hoping when someone opens the door, he will slip in. He too will get the dreaded flea dip later this week.

Monday, August 06, 2007


Well, I finally saw the Harry Potter movie, the Order of the Phoenix. It was pretty good, although a bit dark. That includes the lighting available for knitting. I decided to try knitting at the movie. I took a shawl, since there was no counting involved and only knits and pearls. Well, I thought I was doing fairly well...but when I got home, I had an extra stitch. I didn't see my mistake at first, so I decided to just knit the first 2 stitches of the next row together and then it would be right again. Back to knit3 pearl3 and so on and so forth. Well, after about 2 more rows, I saw IT. I must have done a yarn over instead of moving the thread while I was knitting and watching. Then the question arises, do I frog it? I decided not to. It is a lacy shawl and the spot is just a tad larger than most of the others. Besides, who ever the recipient may be, they will know the shawl travelled and was knit on during a HP movie, that should make it even more special! Besides, what's a few off knits and pearls between friends???

Saturday, August 04, 2007


As you may know, purple is not my favorite color. Or John's for that matter, however, this purple springer now belongs to us. Supposedly, there are a black tank and black fenders on the mean time, it is one mean purple machine.

New window in the apartment end of the house.