Saturday, March 31, 2007

the final product, the cat hat

Here is Joseph and his cat hat with ears.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


when my sister and I were little, my aunts used to let us fly like airplanes on their legs and feet, while they were laying on the floor of my grandparent's living room. We had so much fun. So, in case I forgot then, THANKS, Joi and Cindy for playing with us and having fun! Now, one may wonder why this memory comes to the blog....

I guess the tradition was passed on!!

I made it back to knit-at-night, at the lys, The Knitting Experience Cafe, on thursday. Kim went with me. It was good to be there. Chesley, you look GREAT and I'm glad things are going well. While I was there I got one of the ears for Joseph's famous cat hat done. Hopefully, the other will be soon to follow. Of course, with all the improvements in the weather, he won't need it this year. Luckily it is a little bit big on him!
These are without the cat ears, just in case you wondered.
Kim and I did our first breastfeeding class at work. Yeah! it is done. It seemed to go pretty well, no one fell asleep on us. The powerpoint slide show worked and the video played! Now we have 2 more to go.
I have finished my first 2 classes at school and have one more to finish. The next term starts April 9th and I have signed up for 2 more classes. Trying to keep up...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

almost balmy here in maine

Not much to report on from the north, except the snow is starting to melt. John got out his Yamaha motorcycle and has been doing some riding back and forth to his jobs. A sure sign that spring is on the way...

My first term is almost over at Frontier. My fingers are tired of typing, so it is good that I will have a week off between terms. What will I do with myself??? Let's see there is sewing, knitting, cleaning (well, maybe not), starting to exercise, doing nothing, see, the list could be endless!!

Here are some new pics of the kids.