Saturday, May 26, 2007

another bird!!!

here is bird number 2!! they are coming!

Interesting photos

This photo is of John's mother, Brunese Walker. Jill, John's sister sent it to us and I love it!!! I can see how her children look like her. They also got their laughter from her. When the Walker clan gets together there is always laughter. So, heres to Granny, biker babe, you are missed.

On to another cool cat, here is William before he went to prom this year. I meant to put this up earlier but time got away. William went to the doctor this week and after he has his follow up ct scan, should be cleared for action. I know he is thrilled. He has big plans for the summer, homework for his AP classes and soccer camp. I am disappointed that he won't be coming to Maine, but he is growing up and busier than ever, both during the school year and over the summer. Good thing there are free minutes on my phone!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I have received a request...

JOSH, you have been mentioned!

hello birdie...

Finally, I have a bird at my bird feeder!!! I put the feeders up months ago. I moved them recently and then I saw a chickadee and now this beauty. WOO HOO!!! Now if the hummingbirds will come to the feeder off the kitchen window.

family and more family

William has some competition in the clean your wing bones division!! Joseph at only wings for the first time last night and he ate 7 rasberry bar-b-que wings at Gridiron in Lewiston. They have 35cent wings on monday and tuesday, and they also have 2-for-1 beer... Joseph gave me his beer! (just kidding, he had chocolate milk)

More of John working... what else? He rarely slows down, although, Laconia is coming up and he plans on being there.

Seth is trying to beat John at chess, not gonna happen anytime soon!

Katie and Lily were in a fashion show at church. Aren't they beautiful?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

well, a picture of the shawl that I am making. It is pink, you know, my favorite color! However, it is not for me.... It is a prayer/intention shawl. It is a very interesting concept, not one I made up on my own. Here is the link to one site about them-- My friend, Kim, had a book about them and she let me borrow it. Of course, I am not reading anything but school books right now... and the cover of the book is PURPLE. Actually, it is not a long read and it was also interesting.
Next picture shows Wiggie and the previously featured cat bed. The blue chair is his favorite chair, however, when he lays in it, he likes to pull out his hair. I am tired of cleaning up hair. I decided to put said cat bed into the chair. It might be noted that Wiggie is laying as close to the arm of the blue chair as he can get and in as little of the cat bed as he can. Somehow, I get the feeling that he does not like the cat bed. Of note, the throw in the back was crocheted by my grandmother. We use it often to keep us toasty here in the Maine spring.

Monday, May 07, 2007

the roofers

Here are John and Seth finishing the roof on our house across the street. John can barely move because he was working so much and so hard. Hopefully, soon he will take some time and RELAX

Well, I thought I would share some knitting. Last Thursday and Friday, I attended a conference on breastfeeding in MA. Also, in on the trip were Amy, Kim, Laurie, Melissa and Penny. We drove down in 2 cars and stayed in 2 rooms at the same hotel, with a hot tub and pool--indoors!! It was fun to get away and have girls time! At the conference, we saw Carly, friend and fellow SNM. Our table was the knitting table, all 6 of us were knitting during the conference. Breastfeeding conferences seem to attract knitters! I have been to fetal monitor classes, no knitting. I find that interesting.

So, onto the actual knitting projects...first, the reversible cable scarf. It matches my cat hat. I made it wider than the pattern calls for and hopefully, it will do the trick for warming my neck next winter.

Here are the knitted breasts. One for breastfeeding class and one for the knitting shop. It was quite interesting to discuss what they were when they were being knitted. Also, an opportunity to discuss breastfeeding and breast cancer. I am already planning for the next set, in different colors...

And I started on another baby bonnet. I love this pattern!!! And so the saga of my conference knitting has come to an end.