Wednesday, May 16, 2007

well, a picture of the shawl that I am making. It is pink, you know, my favorite color! However, it is not for me.... It is a prayer/intention shawl. It is a very interesting concept, not one I made up on my own. Here is the link to one site about them-- My friend, Kim, had a book about them and she let me borrow it. Of course, I am not reading anything but school books right now... and the cover of the book is PURPLE. Actually, it is not a long read and it was also interesting.
Next picture shows Wiggie and the previously featured cat bed. The blue chair is his favorite chair, however, when he lays in it, he likes to pull out his hair. I am tired of cleaning up hair. I decided to put said cat bed into the chair. It might be noted that Wiggie is laying as close to the arm of the blue chair as he can get and in as little of the cat bed as he can. Somehow, I get the feeling that he does not like the cat bed. Of note, the throw in the back was crocheted by my grandmother. We use it often to keep us toasty here in the Maine spring.

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