Tuesday, August 07, 2007

cats...and fleas

Well, the fleas are being beaten. Slowly but surely. This is the homemade flea trap. It consist of a jellyroll pan, dishwashing soap (of the liquid kind) and water. Place a light above it and wa-la (ok, I am not really sure how to spell that, so just say it like it looks...) many small DEAD fleas in the morning. Of course, it does interfere with my sleep since I prefer to sleep in as dark a room as possible. Just ask John who laughs at me because there are socks covering up the lights ( AKA beacons) on the TIVO.
Poor Wiggie, he has to stay outside until he can get a flea dip. The frontline was a little late in being applied. Poor timing by his human...Although, he doesn't look too miserable on top of his human's car!
Then there is Fraser, he found a box to rest on. He is hoping when someone opens the door, he will slip in. He too will get the dreaded flea dip later this week.


Anonymous said...

mom, that is disgusting! i can't even believe you put it on your blog. it makes me want to throw up.

Anna said...

Not disgusting - hopefully it works because I'm doing it now before fleas literally carry my house away.