Wednesday, July 18, 2007


One may notice that I don't often blog about my work. There are several reasons for this. When I first began the blog, I thought I would write about work but, it was not the easy topic I envisioned. First, there is HIPPA. Which as we all know, and love, restricts many areas of life. I also live in a smallish community where many people know many people. I would never want to accidentally post something that would invade another person's privacy or that people could pick apart and try and figure out who the subject was. So I generally avoid work related scenarios. That said, if I ever do write something about work, the names, dates and many other aspects have been changed or combined to protect the innocent persons involved in my ramblings.

I do want to mention one of my soapboxes at this time. That is making choices. Over the years, people I know, co-workers, children, friends, family, you get the picture, will comment to me things like "I hope you will still think well of me if I... don't breastfeed, have an epidural, choose a c/s, only breastfeed for 6 weeks, whatever..." Do I like only people who do things I believe in? NO, NO, NO.

What I wish for people is that they make choices based on their lives and then feel comfortable with those choices. I don't walk in anyone's footsteps but my own.

Do I wish all women would at least give breastfeeding a chance?
Of course!

Do I dislike the fact that formula companies are a multimillion/billion dollar force in marketing and making things difficult for breastfeeding to be the norm?
Of course!

Do I wish childbirth was considered normal?

Do I wish women knew they were strong and wonderful and were empowered to deal with labor without drugs?

Do I wish midwives and out of hospital birth was considered the norm?
Yes, and Yes!

But, do I avoid people that have different views?
No, and I hope that I never do or give the impression that I do.

Again, my wish for others is that they find the strength to do what they have chosen and be COMFORTABLE in their choice.

Stepping down from the soapbox....>^..^<

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