Monday, August 24, 2009

Missing Wiggie

Wiggie was my first maine coon (mix) cat after wanting one for many years. His official name was Ludwig, because his original owner had named him Beethovan. At that time, Beethovan was the popular name and movie about a dog. So, I renamed him Ludwig, keeping the theme of his first name.

He disappeared about 6 weeks ago and I miss him. He was a great cat....although, he did have an annoying habit of pulling out his fur and leaving it all around the house. He loved being outside and the times that I would keep him trapped inside, he would be miserable. So, he went back outside, and would come running whenever I would drive up. I am sad that you are gone, Wigler.

This is neon Wiggie...he was looking out the window and I was learning about a picture program!

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