Tuesday, July 28, 2009

summer fun

Chesapeake Bay Soft Shell Blue Crabs mmmmm..... Before eating, I had to clean them, something I had never done. But I put on my trusty gloves and dove in. Cleaning involves cutting off the eyes and the mouth, that was fun! Then, you lift each side of the shell on top and clean out the "dead man's fingers" or gills. Last, you pull of the apron in the back and waa, la ready to prepare!

Three dozen, woohoo! The flash really brought out the blue. Aren't they pretty?

Crab close up.

Indiana gets a bath. Gotta keep those fleas down!

Tomatoes, I have tomatoes!!! That is so very exciting. 2 of my 3 tomato plants have little tomatoes, the one in the upside down container does not. It was supposed to be the most productive according to all the hype. Go figure!
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