Thursday, March 06, 2008


also known as goofing off.

I got back an assignment with a GREAT grade. It was a series of 3 and the first 2 I did fair on, so I worked really hard to do well on the last one. Needless to say, I was pleased. So, after submitting it and while waiting for the grade, I went back to the fairy name generator. My Fairy Name is:

Your fairy is called Tangle Elfshimmer

She is a cheerful sprite.

She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows.

She is only seen when the first flowers begin to blossom.

She wears tangled dresses of multicoloured petals. She has delicate green wings like a cicada.

But, I really like mermaids better, so I decided to see if there was a mermaid name generator. Guess what, there was! Go figure, it is the internet after all! So, my mermaid name can be found in more than one nautical environment. I picked 3, my favorite (warm areas) and where I live. So, my mermaid name(s) are:

Tropical—Pearlia (i decided this needed a last name, so I invented my own, Waveshimmer)

Arctic—Aurora Light

Pacific—Emraldia Soulsun

Now, as if that isn't enough...I decided to combine, sort of, the 2. Mermaid and Fairy because I like them both. The final result is...

Tangle Waveshimmer
Pearlia Waveshimmer

What do you think????


Anonymous said...

You should stop doing crack b 4 logging onto your blog

theyarnwhisperer said...

I go for Tangle Waveshimmer. Best of both worlds.
And I don't think there's a darn thing wrong with doing crack before logging onto your blog

theyarnwhisperer said...

My mermaid name is Borealis Light. Wicked cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

dad has a really good point.