Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ann had a birthday.

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Well, I find I have been somewhat delinquent in the Walker side of the birthday postings, so for those of you I have missed recently (and you know who you are) first I apologize profusely and I promise (or threaten!) future recognition. I could use the excuse that I had to beg :-D for the dates...but I won't!

So, Happy birthday, Ann. I started early, but posted late. We here in the frozen state hope you had a warm and fun birthday. I also hope you are breathing better after having to blow out ALL those candles...see, I can say that, I don't have quite as many!

I am posting before getting the other pics up but I plan on adding some! Smile, you are on the blog...

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theyarnwhisperer said...

So, our beloved Angela has decided she wants to knit an afghan/blanket. Quite an undertaking for somebody who gets more tense rather than less tense when she encounters yarn and knitting needles. ANYWAY, I wanted your opinion in which way to guide her. Do you think I should set her up with one big cast on and stockinette stitch or perhaps moss stitch or do you think I should have her do little squares and then piece them all together at the end?