Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the trauma of the tent

I got my tent for the camping trip, but had not put it up before I left for Maryland. Cindy and I briefly got out all the pieces at Longfield Farm and saw how it went together. We drove out to Assateague Island State Park campground, found the campsite and when we got out of the car, were nearly blown away!

Unhindered by the wind at this point, we drug out the tent, put in the poles and watched as it moved around the campsite on its own, even after we placed a couple of the small, metal stakes into the sand. Uh Oh.

Out came the tent poles, up rolled the tent and back in the car it went. And, so did we.

Angela got to Maryland in great time, and I rode over to Pocomoke and met her at the wal-mart. Onward, we drove to Assateague in the dark. The wind was still blowing like crazy. We slept in the Element, no tent was going up.
Here is the area where we were going to camp. Over the dune, the OCEAN!

The next day, we spent time driving from camping area to camping area, scouting out different campsites. We could change once for free. We went from F to C and from right beside the ocean to 3 or 4 campsites away from the ocean. But, the tent went up! It was still windy, but away from the ocean, it was less so. We did anchor the tent to the car for extra stay in placeness! And, here it is....

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AtYourCervix said...

The last time we went down to Assateague, it was too late to reserve a spot in the state park (we only decided to go a few days before, during peak season), but we easily got a nice campsite at Pokomoke State Park - a place I highly recommend, if you ever decide to go down that way again!