Thursday, October 12, 2006

thursday must be blog day...

another week has come and gone. of note, i got my DIPLOMA in the mail. i guess that means i am graduated! i am busy with working, reading, crocheting and knitting. my parents are here for 2 weeks to help katie with the grandkids, or great-grandkids to them, and all are having a good time. we went to rockland and saw the store that supports the puffin project, watched a movie and let the kids climb all in a burrow. check it out at

we made some caramel apples for desert last night. joseph and lily are enjoying dipping theirs. as far as eating, joseph did pretty good, lily just licked off the caramel. she knows what is the good stuff!

finally got started on the cat hat. have 1 ear flap done and am figuring out the cast on for making the hat in the round, upside down. i did it one time, but lost what i wrote down for directions and since it is backward from the original pattern, i need some planning before i get there! i also found a sweater pattern that i have been searching for. my grandmother made me a fisherman's knit sweater years ago, needless to say, over the years i have gotten slightly larger and even though i can still wear it, it is a little i was looking and looking for something like it. i have to give the credit to chesley at because she knew what i was looking for and emailed me when a new book arrived that had a similar sweater in it. louisa harding had a children's sweater that was just what i was looking for, but no adult instructions. her new book arrived at chesley's shop and there was the adult size. thanks, chesley! when shall i start??? and more importantly, can i finish it???


Chesley Flotten said...

Yeah! Welcome to the blog world! The apples look like fun.
All the best and keep knitting!

Anonymous said...

Nice blogs, make sure on some of them you stay black!!!