Thursday, October 05, 2006


time got away from me, but then again, what is new?! i have lots of potential knitting projects and took a couple pictures to show the yarn i am most excited about. the pink and furry is for a CAT HAT! i got a special request to make one for a friend's daughter. i may even start on that tonight when i am at knit at night at my lys, the knitting experience cafe. the pink and yellow is the lorna's laces for some lacy socks!

also, here is the baby blanket in progress. it won't be pink and blue and white. just white and the appropriate baby color. since the parents don't know the gender yet, or if they do, i don't! i am making both pink and blue strips and then will have another half of a blanket in the works...planning ahead. so unlike me.

well, i took the leap and sent my application in for midwifery school. i was hoping for the november class, but the deadline slipped by me, see it is that planning ahead thing again. they said go ahead and send it in and if there is room, and if they want me, they will put me in. if not, the january class is not too long after that... i found that yesterday, trying to get in the mail, my karma was all wrong. first, i couldn't find my nursing license, then, when i finally found it and got to the post office, instead of overnight, the earliest they could guarentee it to get there was friday after 3pm. so, i bet it will be monday before anyone sees it. the little black cloud does like to find me.

oh and happy columbus day, even though he really wasn't the first one here... and in case you didn't notice, i have major issues with getting the pictures to be a cute arrangement. maybe one day i will do better...

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