Sunday, July 23, 2006

to blog or not to blog

well, the questions are really to blog or sleep, to blog or study, to blog or knit...and for the last little bit, it has been to not blog but to sleep, study and knit. i have finished, except for handsewing the ribbon on, a bonnet for my great-niece.

then, there are the pair of socks that are ongoing! that is because i only knit on them when i am away from home. they are small and easy to take places. maybe one day i will finish them!

and yet more, there is the sweater for my grandson. he chose the color and i chose the pattern. it is similar to the pink one for his sister. and it would have been finished, but i had to take out 8 1/2 inches of the hood. that would be all of the hood that i had done because i made an error in counting. urghhh. so, it will get done, just not as quickly as i had thought.

that would be it for the knitting these days. well, there is the project in the closet floor, and the one on top of the tv stand, and, well, you get the picture.

this past week was busy because we had a lovely visit from my parents. i ended up working about 2/3 of the time they were here, but we did get some time in to have a picture of the 4 generations of women. that was a fun time. also, had some great food, thanks to poppy. he is the cook extrordinaire! and he grows some great tomatoes. you just can't get tomatoes in maine like you can get in the south... next week is my vacation, wonder what fun is in store. one thing would be to finish my paper, or not graduate!!!

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