Friday, July 14, 2006

the cat bed

one of my finished knitting projects was a cat bed from the stitch n bitch book. i retaught myself to knit, since i wasn't a very good learner when my grandmother tried to teach me all those years ago. i did the cat bed as a second project, the first was the cat hat! the cat hat was the reason for relearning to knit...

ok, it's a little ( a lot ) corny, but hey, i am a crazy cat lay!

so, back to the cat bed. i made this cat bed and do you think any of the cats wanted to sleep in it? no, no, no. so, i sprayed it with catnip... and one night, i caught one of them sleeping in it! and of course, got out my trusty camera because no one would believe me. so here is the catbed and then the in the cat bed.

and here is my grandson wearing the cat bed when it is not in use...

well, i shall get back to studying, or knitting possibly. i am waiting on yarn to finish the green sweater. i ran out during the hood! and i started the second sock of a pair...on circulars!

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