Friday, April 25, 2008

battle scars!

About 3 weeks ago, on a friday, I started receiving Venofer IV. This is an iron preparation that is given intravenously. My hemoglobin has been low for a long time and so my doc suggested trying this.

Easy, right?


In the interest of saving time and multitasking, I thought it might be worthwhile to torture the nurses on my unit, whom I love dearly. After getting the ok from the powers that be, and registering as a patient, I got stuck by one of our lovely nurses.

After exclaiming that I had very few veins to choose from, she did choose one. It went right in. Not the most pleasant of experiences, but I did it without numbing...brave me!

So, the pump was running, the medicine was infusing, and I was making phone calls in the lactation office. It was late in the day, almost time to call it over for work. I thought, just a quick check of the email, work email--of course. When lo and behold, my hand started hurting. Now, I had been trying to ignore my vein with its protuberance of tubing attached to a pump on wheels, but, it was getting my attention. I watched it a bit longer, stared at it non-stop actually. The vein was getting inflamed and more sore. So, after a consultation with my official caregivers, out it came.

Then, the fun began. 3 sticks later, it was again flowing into my vein. The antecubital. Yipee. Who would have thought I would have bad veins...of course, my last IV was when William was born.

The following week, only 1 stick, in the hand, very slowly dripping in and NO phone calls or computer work. Just sitting in the chair in the nursery, watching, watching, watching.

This week, after a chat with the ACU folks, I am to get the other 2 doses down there. Well, they didn't like my veins either. Today, 2 sticks and the antecubital was once again the chosen vein.

I can hardly wait for next week...

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