Friday, January 11, 2008

oh, kim, you didn't really think i would forget....

Happy Late Birthday!!!!! unfortunately, i don't have many pics, but here are a couple.

it has been fun to work on all these shawls together, and share book ideas, and yes, even to work together. then there is the wine, the road trips, and adventures!!


Penny said...

I did forget! Jerri told me though and hopefully I will see you next Friday?! Hope it was a good one.

theyarnwhisperer said...

I love your meditating meez!
So, yesterday Angela and I had to go in for a class that lasted about 40 minutes and that was only because we dragged it on to try to make an attempt to make it worth our while of showing up. Mayo was there (it was her birthday) and somehow we got on the remembering people from the Rock subject. I brought up somebody we had discussed that night at Olive Garden (not Michelle) that Mayo knew the name of.... except that she could no longer think of who the person was. It bugged me and bugged me and I told Angela we needed to call you and ask you but she said you were at work. Finally at like 6pm it came to me what her first name was.... Lynn. So I called Angela immediately and told her. Of course she thought it was a bit humerous that I was still thinking about this, but she was able to put a last name with the first and it was Wilcox. So, next time I cannot remember Lynn Wilcox's name... I'm putting you in charge of remembering it for me.