Saturday, October 20, 2007

thanks, at your cervix!

After visiting your blog, i decided to take the test...this is what i ended up with, the second time! so, if any of you that read this, decide to take your own test, let me know what you are!

You Would Be a Pet Cat

Independent and aloof, you don't like to be dependent on anyone.
And as for other people, you can take them or leave them. You often don't care.
You live your life by your own rules. And you have deep motivations that no one truly understands.

Why you would make a great pet: You're not needy or greedy... unlike other four legged friends.

Why you would make a bad pet: You're not exactly running down to greet people at the door

What you would love about being a cat: Agility and freedom

What you would hate about being a cat: Being treated like a dog by clueless humans


theyarnwhisperer said...

I'm a cat too! But then again, are either of us really surprised about this?

Anonymous said...

i don't see aunt cindy and the kitten on here.