Tuesday, June 12, 2007

KIP day--June 9, 2007

My one venture out of the house on Saturday. I went to the Little Dog Coffee Shop in Brunswick and participated in KIP day (knit in public). As you can see, my knitting is in my lap because the green skein of yarn became a problem. All of the sudden, there were 2 strands coming out of the skein. I knew it wasn't the other end, that was tucked into the label on the outside. Well, thanks to my couch partners, we unravelled and wound not 1, not 2 but 3 balls of yarn out of the skein. Luckily, ball number 1 remained attached to the shawl and is the largest ball. Balls 2 and 3 are connected and could be made into 1 ball, but by then, we were tired of winding... I could never have kept all this straight. Thanks again for the help!! The picture is thanks to Anna, I copied it off her blog http://www.annasflyingneedles.com/

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