Tuesday, August 08, 2006

look what came to visit!

I was awakened this morning by John, coming in and saying he wanted me to see something. well, it was a baby osprey on the handlebars of his dirt bike! and the baby osprey was not going anywhere. he was beautiful and talkative any time we would get close to him.

what a nice morning. and john brought me a blueberry coffee coolata, my new favorite drink. i think i am addicted!

well, my birthday came and went and i am older by another year. john and katie made me breakfast, my favorite kind of pancakes--chocolate chip, date and nut. mmmm. i worked some on my paper, actually, i FINISHED the actual paper. now all i have left is to finish up a few questions on the assessment page that goes with it. i am planning on doing that today. i ran errands and sent in my final assignments for the clinical and i have already gotten my grade for the class. i am going to take the final on thursday and i will be done with the BSN. i, myself, am in shock, so i know others must be. i was beginning to think that i would never, ever finish. to end the day, we had a cook out at our friends, bill and nicole. katie and the grandkids came too. it was very nice. birthday cake was strawberry shortcake--with angel food cake!

for the final picture, i leave you with what joseph and lily (and katie) gave me for my birthday. hello kitty in pink suede boots!!!

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